Do you know what colour suits you?


Colours are divided into 3 categories, cool, warm and neutral. If you’re a cool tone the blue, green and violet will suit you best, if your warm tone then yellow, orange and red will be best for you and if your one of the lucky ones and neutral then you can cross over all the colours and have the best of both worlds.

Knowing what colour suits you compared to what colour you might want can be 2 different things. Your stylist can help you discover the right colour for you and advise you on what will suit your skin tone. There are a few things you’re able to do at home to help you see what colouring you prefer before you get to the salon.

If you’d like to test your colour category at home based on your skin tone her are a few tips that can help.

  1. The T- shirt test.

Take a basic white t-shirt and stand in front of  a mirror. If your skin shows yellow, then you will be better suited to warm colours. If your skin shows more of a blue/pink  hue then you’ll be better suited to cooler hair colours. If you lean to the greener colour then you will fall under the neutral category.


  1. The vein test.

Loom at the veins in your wrists. If you have blue veins then you’ll be the cool type. If you have green veins then you’ll be warmer and if you have a mixture then you’ll be in the neutral camp.


  1. The Jewellery test.

What jewellery do you prefer on yourself? If you mainly wear silver, white gold or platinum jewellery then you’ll be better suited to cooler colours. If you prefer gold, then you’ll be warmer in your skin tone. If you are able to wear a combination of silver, gold or rose then generally you’ll be a neutral type.

Remember your stylist is there to best advise you on what they know given your hair texture, style and also their experience. Different colours will determine what level of care and maintenance is required to keep your hair the best condition possible. We are always happy to sit down and discuss your colour option prior to your appointment and discover the best colour for your skin tone and create a beautiful style personalised to you and your needs. Using only the best vegan products in Paul Mitchell we have a wide range of possibilities at our hands waiting for you.