Firstly, it is good to know that curly hair is more fragile and thinner because of its texture, this makes curls more vulnerable and in need good care. So it is highly important that you treat curls with great respect. Gentle care and high quality  products are an absolute must to get the best out of your curly hair.

First thing is to wash curly hair with the right products. Natural curls should be washed about once a week, this of course can vary from person to person but keeping a regular rhythm is important. It is also important to wash the hair still so you take proper care of the scalp, dry flaky scalps that build too much sebum can cause another host of issues. Good shampoos to wash with will be shampoos that contain Keratin products as it restores the hair and provides less tangles with shiny curls.

Secondly stay away from heated equipment as much as possible. a light dry with a diffuser can take the cold damp feeling away but try to be gentle and use as little tools as possible and always still use heat protection sprays.

Thirdly , invest in a good hairdresser! This is half the battle, we aren’t here merely to sell you products to hit a target but in actual fact to care for your hair and know that you can wear your hair looking its absolute best in between your visits with your stylist. Remember hairdressers see all types of hair daily with different textures and curl patterns. Ask  your stylist when you see them next about how best to care for your curls.

Fourthly, an complete no no for curly hair is brushing and combing when your hair is dry. 1 curl consists of multiple hairs that form a bundle. When you brush through them, you break the bundle and therefore creating loose hairs and frizz. Curly hair is best combed in the shower with a nice deep conditioning mask on , wide tooth combs are best for this. Make sure you do it in a calm manner and take your time to detangled .

Check back in soon to learn the difference between curl patterns an what curl type you are!