Welcome to Number 8 Hairdressing, Truro

Our salon is in the heart of Truro and amongst the busy streets we offer a haven of calm and friendly hairdressing with an inspiring energetic and creative environment.

We have a highly experienced team of stylists, offering all aspects of Hairdressing that can suit your individuality, features and hair texture. 

Using Paul Mitchell as our colour house offers extensive opportunities to create beautiful hair whilst using premium products with 100% vegan hair colours and a cruelty free since 1980.

Also stocking Keune haircare , Olaplex and Moroccan oil we offer the best products on the market to ensure your hair is well looked after.


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Do you know what colour suits you? We’re here to help

Do you know what colour suits you?   Colours are divided into 3 categories, cool, warm and neutral. If you’re a cool tone the blue, green and violet will suit you best, if your warm tone then yellow, orange and red will be best for you and if your one of the...

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How often should you book in for your haircut?

When should you get your hair cut? We’re often asked how often you should get your hair cut and your stylist is responsible for giving you the advice to help keep your hair in the best condition and style it can be.   The growth and loss of hair may seem like a...

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Are you suffering from a dry scalp? Let us help you

Most common scalp problem and tips to help. Do you suffer from a sensitive scalp or experience itchiness and noticing flakiness, the winter can be harsh on the scalp with the colder weather and heated indoors our scalp and skin can lose a lot of moisture and become...

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