Strand Lighting: Hair’s Hottest New Colour Trend Explained

Strand lighting has been making movements on Instagram for some time now and it’s now trickling into salons up and down the UK.

The idea was created on Instagram by Liz Haven O’Neill and works by focussing the highlights around the hairline for a sun-kissed summery finish.


Strand lighting is it the new balayage? Will it work on your hair?
Strand lighting is the new colour trend taking the UK by storm, providing you with the highly requested sun kissed hair. To achieve the desired look less strands are applied within the foils, meaning the colour is brightened from the roots to the ends without looking like a full head colour. It offers you  a much better blend and it reduces the sight of colour growth too – which helps keep in with busy lifestyles.

The technique itself can be used on brunettes too, not just blonde, and it actually means less of the hair is bleached, which for most clients is a great advantage.


How is it different to balayage, fallayage etc?
The technique is ever so slightly different to balayage and fallayage, as it requires a lot less bleach and is a complete mixture of freehand and foils. Although foils are required, they are not required as much, and the techniques is all about colour placement throughout the sections. It also requires a lot less upkeep.


So jump in and get new ‘Autumn hair’ before all your friends and be the trend setter for the rest of town.