Happy New year! 2022 is set to be a great year for changing your hair. New tones of mushroom , decadent bronze and silk blonde are going to be a big  trend for the start of 2022.

By changing your hair you really can feel like a new version of you, it doesn’t need to be dramatic or look like much has changed but by trying a new toner or slightly different cut you can feel like a brand new person.

Starting with a really good haircut is the absolute key to all good hair days. It really is the backbone to your style and makes creating salon perfect hair at home so much easier. Having good structure to your cut is going to make it last longer for you. Sharper hair cuts will have more longevity to them than a choppy style will, Bare this in mind when you ask for texture, you’ll need to visit your stylist monthly to maintain this type of haircut.

The bob is going to continue to be a firm trend for 2022, its a beautiful classic style that never dates. Looking to spice up your bob this January? Why not try a soft jaw line length and with a new styling technique it is an absolutely stunning look. If that feels too much out of your comfort zone drop the length to your shoulders and have a crisp clean cut,

Glossy blow-dries and effortless looking hair is all down to well maintained hair. The best way to try a new hue is by trying  new toner on your hair. A toner is a hint of colour that is designed to sit on the outside of the hair shaft so will not permanently change your hair. They are often used to cancel out any unwanted tones in your hair but they do require to be topped up if you want to keep the appearance of the toner. Paired with an olaplex treatment at the salon is a mirror glaze of beauty, the shine and smoothness of the hair is incredible and a fantastic way to keep your hair in fabulous condition and have a change all in 1 quick appointment.

We’ve got some exciting days in January at the salon where we will be closed so all of our staff can enjoy training in the new trends and experimenting with new shade combinations. Keeping up to date is key to good hairdressing and we only want to provide the best for our clients.

We’re all  eager to get into the new season and create some gorgeous hair. Online booking is available as well as giving us a call on 01872 260424.