Introducing our new product range at Number 8 Hairdressing – KEUNE


Are you looking for good haircare? Keune has all of the options within their range to suit all hair types. Keune is a brand that is only available in hair salons and we are now stocking this beautiful range of carefully designed in their very own Keune Labs and the products are only ever tested on people who volunteered. At Number 8 we will only ever stock cruelty free products.


in 1922 Jan Keune, a pharmacist from Amsterdam, had a fascination for curls. Above the drug store he ran with his wife , Jan began to experiment and producing hair products. Normally in the 1920’s hair would have only been curled by heating curling irons over the stove and we’ve all seen when things get too hot and hair melts off, well there must have been a high chance of that¬† happening back then , let alone the ladies and gents with naturally curly hair and needing / wanting to control it. Jan Keune managed to develop a formula for a permanent liquid and it became a resounding success that women flocked to purchase. It all become a huge success and in 1925 Jan officially wrote the drugstore in this name.



With the new range of products now at the salon , pop in and ask your stylist about what will work for you. We have all been using the products ourselves at home and are loving the results. And with it also behind our backwash you can try the products on your next visit.