Myth 1: Brushing one hundred strokes per night can make hair grow faster

At one point in the history of haircare, someone mentioned that over-brushing your hair stimulated blood circulation in the scalp and it was written down in the hair bible. The truth is that although most of our hair is strong enough to take a good brushing, excessive detangling can result in breakage and damage, especially if you use a plastic bristled brush. Verdict: False


Myth 2: The bigger the blob of shampoo, the cleaner your hair

Don’t bother wasting it ladies, a dollop of shampoo the size of a one pound coin is enough. The same with conditioner, if you have good quality products you will not need to over use!  Verdict: False

Myth 3: Stress is related to hair loss

Severe stress can shut down hair production quickly, causing temporary hair loss. However, the scalp can rejuvenate. Take care and don’t over worry, our bodies are amazing things! Verdict: True

Myth 4: Conditioner can help repair split ends

No matter how expensive the conditioner and how many boosting properties it promises in the bottle, it is not physically possible to repair split ends. In fact, what is true is that split ends travel up the hair root, and fast too, so best to book into that haircut. Verdict: False

Myth 5: A cold rinse helps keep hair shiny and frizz-free

I was definitely victim myself to this belief. In my mind, a cold rinse sealed the hair cuticle, keeping it shiny and flyaway free. Cold water can actually help the hair’s cuticle to lie flatter temporarily, but the effect is worn off instantly with towel-drying or blow-drying. We can still use a cold shower for our morning blast of ‘pick-me-up’ but it won’t have perform any haircare magic. Verdict: False


Myth 6: Cutting hair makes it grow faster

This common myth comes from the fact that our hair is thicker at the scalp than it is at the ends, so shorter hair seems thicker at first. Cutting your hair does not affect its normal biologically determined growth rate or overall texture. Thin, limp or fine hair will not ever grow thicker in response to a haircut. Verdict: False


myth 7: Wearing tight hairstyles can cause baldness

Tight ponytails, buns and up-dos can cause havoc to hair over an extended period of time. Sometimes we can even feel our scalp pulling towards our tightly-wrapped hair-tie. Give the hair a break and opt for looser hairstyles that will minimise the tension, pain and potential baldness. Verdict: True


Myth 8: If I leave my hair greasy my hair up will stay in better


The number 1 question when we do hair up is shall I leave my hair so it is greasy? Umm No that actually makes out life so much harder and not to mention we don’t really want to be handling your 2 week old unwashed hair. We recommend that you wash your hair in the morning of the event or at a push the night before. There are so many great products now that can be used to help keep hairstyles in for the whole day, multiply hair tricks that we have up our sleeves so that even the most slippery hair is easy to manage and completely fine to be nice and clean. Also it makes you feel so much nicer when your hair is clean and fresh so there is no need to feel grubby on and day or evening you have a special event. Verdict False