Blunt bobs are all the fashion now, last season it was increasingly popular to take the hair heavier and less layered and coming into spring/summer we are finding clients are wanting straight blunt hair. Any length between collar bone to ear length is a go to depending on face-shape and hair thickness. inspired by the 70’s many celebs have recently transitioned to this hair style.

Grey hair isn’t  going anywhere with pinterest searches for ‘going grey’ increasing by 879% more and more clients either want to embrace their naural grey or tone their hair to a silvery shade. 

Modern top-knots are going to be big this summer too, the trick is to make sure your hair is thoroughly blow-dried before tieing it up, then create a high pony tail before wrapping the ends around to create a messy dishevelled look. It’s always great to add some texturing products to the hair for the perfect ‘un-done – done’ look . Paul Mitchell have an amazing invisible styling range that work amazing for this exact style.