So the heating has been put on and the rain has definitely started, what does this mean for your hair? If you have spent all summer protecting your hair from the hot sun then its not time to relax I’m afraid, if anything personally I think the winter is harder work to keep your hair in great condition. The cuticles on the hair have no idea what’s going on, they’re wet from rain then blasted with heating then out in the wind, its as recipe for disaster! Now is the time to book in for treatments at the salon to deep condition your hair and change your product wardrobe. We have a fantastic range in Paul Mitchell called NEURO that blocks humidity for up to 8 hours, prevents thermal damage and keeps your hair up to 4.5x more condition than other products.  They start from £18.95 but with all the added protection you get it is worth every penny. If you’d like any more information on any of our products please pop in to see us, we are always happy to help and guide you to perfect hair.