Beachy hair is always a popular look.  And for all those brave or crazy people who are sea swimming at the moment (yes that includes some of us too!) you might have found a way to achieve that.  But if you’re not sure it’s feeling its best or how to look after your locks with lots of sea swimming then read on… 

There are always pros and cons so here are a few:

Pros – 

  1.    Salt water can give your hair more body
  2.    It can encourage natural wave
  3.    It’s a great exfoliator & can stimulate blood flow to the scalp
  4.    Can sometimes help with conditions like eczema & psoriasis. 

Cons –

  1.    Can make your hair dry and brittle
  2.    Can worsen condition of chemically treated hair (colour, perm)
  3.    Lifts hair cuticles making it susceptible to further moisture loss, weakening & breakage.
  4.    Colour fading in coloured/highlighted hair. 


So how do you know what is best for your hair?  It may take a bit of trial and error for your own hair type and the result you are looking for, but here are a few suggestions. 

If you’ve spent time and money getting your hair colour perfect then we are guessing you don’t want to lose it too quickly. By using a specific colour protecting shampoo & conditioner this will help to prevent fading and lock the moisture in your hair which will in turn keep it in tip top condition.

If you love the natural wavy beachy look, try just rinsing your hair post swim and either use just a conditioner or a spray leave-in conditioner and let it dry naturally, this will keep moisture in your hair and encourage any natural wave. This is also good if you are swimming everyday, as it means you won’t be over stripping your hair’s natural oils by shampooing too frequently. 

For a sleeker, glossier finish, try a sulphate free moisturising shampoo with a hydrating mask 1-2 times a week (a bit easier at the moment when we are looking for things to fill our spare time with!) Then use an oil to help smooth whilst styling. (Always use heat protection!)

Top tips


WET hair with fresh water before dipping – hair is like a sponge and will only absorb a certain amount – the more fresh water is already in it, the less salty water will soak in.


SPRAY leave in conditioner to coat the hair prior to swimming (this can be done when wet with fresh water for added protection or straight onto dry hair)

WEAR hair in a top knot to prevent as much hair getting soaked (unless you are mermaid swimming…. Let it flow free!) 


TRY a swim cap

RINSE sea water post dip ASAP

BE KIND to your hair with a Wetbrush or a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends to gently detangle those knots. 

USE a hair wrap rather than a towel for a less abrasive drying process – also can be worn under a bobble hat post swim to stop any woolly friction.

If you would like any more ideas or tips for your hair worries or if you have a salty hair trick of your own, please message us. For any advice on which products would suit your hair or to enquire about purchasing any, contact us. 

Make sure to tag us in your Instagram swimming pictures! We would love to sea…. 😉