Wedding stress is enough to send even the calmest of women into bridal meltdown, so by the time you finally step onto the sand on your honeymoon you can finally exhale, and the last thing you want to think about is whether you’ve packed the Moroccan oil you’ve been using religiously in the wedding run-up.

Now you’re a newly married woman you want to feel and look your absolute best and honeymoon humidity is hair’s worst enemy, either causing frizz or deflating finer hair. But I’ve got some helpful answers for you to help you not to recreate the Monica look or be tempted to braid your hair with shells on the ends!

Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Frizz fighting starts with a cool wash and potent hydrating ingredients. We recommend Paul Mitchell instant moisture shampoo and conditioner which beautifully hydrates and revives hair. Another high-quality shampoo with UV protection is colour care from Paul Mitchell, and for the naturally curly haired brides Paul Mitchell spring loaded frizz-fighting shampoo and condition does exactly what it says on the bottle, sulphate free it ensures you will have the best start to great looking honeymoon hair.

If you do have naturally coarse or wavy/curly hair, hair balms are amazing at calming the hair down whilst in the humid climates. They are designed to be heavy enough to coat the hair and absorb into it when the heat hits, preventing frizz. Check out relaxing balm in Paul Mitchell and Ends in the fudge range.

Plaiting hair is a great hack when in a hot climate, 1 it keeps hair from being around your neck area and making you sweat more then you need too but can also be styled wet in the morning and left in all day then taken out and loosened for the evening. Top Tip:  A fishtail plait will create a lovely vintage wave, ideal for a nice romantic meal with your new husband. Use Paul Mitchell ‘The Cream’ when styling and it’ll be UV protected all day!

Dry heat can leave hair particularly parched and frazzled so smooth over a good quality conditioning mask with UV filters. Personally, I do this every time I’m on holiday and it keeps my hair in amazing condition plus its makes styling my hair so much easier as it massively nourishes the hairs condition. You can leave it in all day or use after the day at the beach and have a nice glass of wine and half hour with a book then wash out and you’ll be styling your shiny smooth locks in no time.

For your colour to stay vibrant and healthy it is imperative to use sun screen for your hair. 1 day in the sun with no protection on your skin and your red and sore, the same happens to your hair, just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean your hair isn’t being burnt in the sun. Make sure you are kind to your hair and pack the right products in your suitcase! The colour care range in Paul Mitchell is full of UV filters and moisture spray also from Paul Mitchell can also be used on your skin to stay hydrated.  Trusty Moroccan oil is also firm favourite and will revive the most frazzled of hairs.