Number 8 Hairdressing LTD in St.Nicholas Street Truro have been supplying a Paul Mitchell Shampoo refill service for a couple of years now; but have decided to take advantage of another refill service from another local business “Emily’s of Truro” and refill their milk bottles at their new Rodda’s refill station rather than buy plastic bottles of milk.

Owner of Number 8 Hairdressing Claire Pascoe then realised that Roses Farm at Black Rock supply their milk to Rodda’s who are her families farm.

A full circle of support for Cornish Farming, local businesses and family.
Rodda’s source all their milk from within 30 miles of their creamery in Scorrier.

Charlie Snell From Emilys cafe in Truro a (mostly) healthy eatery, said
“We are happy that local businesses are starting to buy milk from the refill station at Emily’s. Its cut down on the amount of plastic we create by the bin full every week, and if we can help other local businesses do that too that is brilliant!
We also like the circularity of supplying Claire at Number 8 hairdressing whose family supply milk to Rodda’s who supply us, who supply to Number 8 Hairdressing”