Face shapes are extremely important on deciding a new look and often the number 1 priority for clients to ensure that their new hair style will suit them so we thought we’d break it down and explain a few basic rules we go by to help you decide.

Oblong face shape: You wouldn’t want anything to elongate your face more. So anything too long or too short will not suit you. Medium length hair is the best solution, shoulder length or slightly above is perfect and anything that will gain width to your hair like adding a fringe full or side can really soften your face shape.

Square face shape: Keep away from square bobs and square layers, as well as heavy fringes or very short hair cuts. Softer more textured layered haircuts are flattering with it blow-dried into a softer wavy style will also look beautiful.

Round face shapes: This is quite similar to oblong face shape, meaning if your hair is too long or too short your face will look rounder than it is. A recommended length is medium. Keep away from short or heavy fringes and perhaps introduce an asymmetric fringe which can really slim the face down. I find this works for me 😉

Oval face shape: This is the ultimate face shape that we all want ! You can pretty much pull anything off from crop to pixie to of course longer.

Heart shaped face: Always keep some hair visible when looking in the mirror, this will widen the bottom part of your face where it is the smallest. Also if you like fringes don’t have one shorter than your cheek bone area as you don’t want to widen the top part of your face.

Bone structure: This is another important factor, for example if you have a slightly crooked nose, have a fringe that is slightly longer toward the opposite side that your nose protrudes towards, or if you’re conscience of your ears this will determine the length of your hair cut a the sides. The same goes for if you have scar or birthmark you’d like to cover, make sure you let your stylist know so that they can make sure you are as confident as possible when you leave the salon. We want to match your personality as much as possible so always be honest with your stylist before your haircut and we can work together to get the best style for you.