It’s not long to a summer filled with festivals! It’s likely to be wet and muddy and the last thing you need to worry about is your hair being all over the place. Now chances are you’re going to have to pull off a good 4,5 possibly 6 day hair without washing, and even though there are some super lucky people that can do that with no problem, its always best to be prepared.

First piece of advice. wash your hair with 2 clarifying shampoos, we recommend Paul Mitchell shampoo two or invisablewear and 1 conditioner this again should be nice and light so not to weigh the hair down, we’d recommend Paul Mitchell invisablewear conditioner . The first shampoo with break down the dirt and grease and the second will completely wash out any excess residue, then follow it with 1 nice conditioner avoid the root area. blow dry your hair way from the roots as much as possible. Add dry shampoo again Paul Mitchell wins hands down for their dry shampoo-its amazing! After blow-drying as this will be able to absorb any scalp oils as soon as they start coming through.

Now to choose your style! hands down plaits are an amazing choice, they look good, keep your hair out of the way and will stay in for the whole weekend, so its a win win. Bun bunches are also a cute little hairstyle to do, easy to do you cant get them wrong! And of course glitter glitter glitter everything is better with a bit of sparkle! Plus if your hair starts looking totally grease slick then just add more glitter to the roots and hid it! and lastly my advice, use a curling wand to get some soft / messy waves into the hair , this will help at keeping volume in the hair for as long as possible.

Here are some pictures to give you a few ideas what you can recreate at your festival!