New Keratin Smoothing System at Number 8!
Is your hair frizzy & fluffy?
Is it hard to manage?
Does humidity turn it into a mane?
Then this is the treatment for you!We are now offering Milk_shake K-Respect Keratin System.  A smoothing, anti-frizz system for all hair types which lasts for 3-5 months.
How does it work?  Keratin is like a bond which gives the hair elasticity & resistance which then makes the hair easy to manage, fights frizz, improves condition & gives shine.  It also has a UV filter which will help to keep your colour fresher.
The K-Respect smoothing system eliminates frizz, halves drying time and makes the hair healthier & shinier, all without damaging the natural structure of the hair, even protecting fragile hair by reducing the risk of breakage.
Will it work for my hair type?  The service can be customised for your specific hair needs – anti-frizz, perfectly straight silky hair or perfect curls.  It smooths the surface of the hair, waterproofing the cuticle which then counteracts the absorption of humidity.
The packaging has been created to reduce plastic waste by 35 – 55% compared to the traditional packaging for the same quantity.  With your first treatment you will receive a complimentary smoothing shampoo & conditioner with their reusable containers.  After which, you only need to purchase refill pouches.

Feedback for the K-Respect Smoothing System:

  “My hair feels silky & soft, I can blowdry my hair and it lasts until the next wash without having to use straighteners in between like I usually would.  Even when I have been out in the Cornish Mizzle it has stayed so much calmer.  I love it!” ~ Amy

  “If you want to lose the frizz & keep the body this amazing product is for you.  I have no frizz & it is so easy to dry, I just love it!” ~ Helen

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